Simone and Elliott's


Dear Nickie

Thank you for being absolutely fantastic, before, during and after the wedding.  You unique style is rare and exactly what we were looking for, capturing the personal moments exactly how we wanted to remember them, instead of the rigid, formal poses we're so used to seeing. When it was time to get the group shots, I was utterly impressed you managed to organize our rabble so beautifully, and the rest of the time, did not in any way impose on the wedding, so much so, I was surprised at some of the lovely natural pictures you got as we were enjoying ourselves!

We had often thought when planning the wedding, we should have a videographer as well, but actually your photos captures every aspect and feeling of the wedding, and brought back so many memories.

Thanks again for all the support on the wedding day, and we feel very lucky when we look back on our pictures.

Simone and Elliott xxx


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