Mr and Mrs Rabbit

This Algarve wedding was about the Bride and Groom and no one else. They planned the whole thing with no one back home in Germany knowing. They had a civil ceremony on a secluded beach in the West of the Algarve. Only the registrar, myself , the bride and groom and their two children were present (oh and some nudists!!!!) The ceremony area was marked out with white paper lanterns and a few simple vases of flowers,facing the wild ocean waves simple yet beautiful .

The bride and groom had some photos on teh beach but we planned to meet up again that evening and take some photos with the evening sun in a different yet still very rustic location.

That evening we met where they were staying in a small village in the western Algarve. We walked down the dusty tracks until we found the perfect setting. A heart shaped tree was one of our perfect spots , with the sun setting behind them this was the perfect place to be.

We also found some beautiful white horses nearby but their rope had come untied and they were more than a little interested in us which ended up in the 3 of us running down the track followed by 3 hungry horses! Although we all new they weren't going to eat us we weren't hanging around to see what they wanted!! Very funny!

The evening shoot was one of my favorites as there was no time restriction and no pressure, just love and light heartedness....all of which reflects in the pictures....

Lovely photoshoot for the sweetest couple! x

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