Kirsty and Glenn's

This is what you call a Portugal beach wedding, bare foot bride and groom on golden sand at the base of the breath taking Algarvean cliffs with gentle waves occasionally cooling everyones feet!!! it was one of the hottest Algarve weddings I have ever been to and the waves gently washing over the congregations feet was refreshing to say the least! 

The isle started with palms making an arch down the stairs towards the sandy cove. The guests stood and clapped as the bride arrived and the crowd parted for her to walk down the isle to meet her anxious groom.

The bridesmaids held white parasols and wore pale bronze dresses. Kirsty's dress was a beautiful cream greek looking dress with layers of beautiful chiffon. Her shoes were my favorite, barefoot flip flops, perfect for a beach wedding! 

Her flowers were simple cream peonies, as you know these are my favs!

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