Christian and Victoria's

One of my biggest challenges to date has to have been to photograph my little brothers wedding. It wasn't merely that it was my little brother and his beautiful bride, but the fact that it was snowing (at the end of march!). Having been here in the Algarve for the last 5 years it was a job to imagine how cold, cold can be and secondly, to try and find thermal underwear in the Algarve shops!

To be honest, it couldn't have been more perfect...the snow just added to the magic of the whole day. The wedding was held at Magdalene College in Cambridge where the buildings were old and full of historic charm. The couple chose to take some first look photographs in the candlelit chapel. This was great fun with just the ushers and bridesmaids and also cut out some of the photographs after the ceremony so that I could enjoy the party too! It also makes the bride and groom's day longer.

My next challenge was to focus the camera through my tears as my youngest son, walked up the aisle carrying his sign saying "here comes the bride"; so very cute ....

The ceremony was full of laughter and tears...laughter as the whole congregation sang "I'm a believer" by the Monkees and tears of joy as my little brother tied the knot with my new sister-in-law Victoria; otherwise known by the my little son Ted as "the princess"!

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