This is great fun and really something you should consider!

Not only is it fun and you get to where your dress all over again, it means you can have the photos you want without the pressure of missing any of your cocktail reception! I always try and work as fast as possible so you are not missed and you have had plenty of champagne and canapes before we go but you can't help but not be present for some of it!

Trashing the dress  doesn't mean you literally have to trash your dress. it just means that if the bottom gets a little wet or you sit in the sand it doesn't matter, however some do like to get in the sea completely!!! This is up to you entirely! The other benefit is we get to travel to the location of your choice at the best time of day which is usually later in the day before the sun sets here in the Algarve that way the light is lovely and soft and there are less people around!

If you do decide to do this we need to check availability a couple of days after your wedding and book it in. As it is more relaxed  and informal it's quite nice if you have done your hair and make up so it all looks more relaxed.

On your wedding day you strive to have every detail go right and to look perfect. Here’s your chance to let loose, have some fun, and show off your personality in a photo session all about you.

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